Game Schedules

                     Winter Arena Schedule
(Games Played at Bradley Park Soccer Arena)

 1587 Linda Vista Dr.
San Marcos, CA 92078


3/5/2015 8:15 AM Crew Quake
3/5/2015 9:15 AM Thunder Tsunami
3/5/2015 10:15 AM Lightning Storm
3/5/2015 11:15 AM Tidal Waves United
3/5/2015 12:15 PM Astros Fire
3/5/2015 1:15 PM Pirates Titans
3/5/2015 2:15 PM Avengers Buccaneers
3/5/2015 3:15 PM Panthers Tigers
3/5/2015 4:15 PM Bears Lions

Click here for the full Fall 2016 schedule (available after August 11th).

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Field Status

Open Open

Walnut Grove Park - South (05:44 PM | 01/31/16)

Open Open

Bill Bradley Park Soccer Arena (05:44 PM | 01/31/16)

Open Open

Hollandia Park (05:44 PM | 01/31/16)