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Coaching Clinics and Training

Certifications for Coaches are Now Mandated by AYSO National

Coaches, please note that AYSO National has mandated that you be certified for the age level at which you are coaching. San Marcos AYSO offers many coaches clinics throughout the season to get your certificates. A list of dates, times and locations of the coach training is listed below. Send an email to our Coach Instructor if you'd like to attend, we'll provide lunch!

This year, San Marcos AYSO will be hosting several clinics for you to get your coaching certificate. Remember, if you are coaching in the upper divisions (U10 and up), you must have the correct certificate to participate in Area and Sectional play-offs and tournaments.  It is also strongly recommended for participation in the Regional play-offs and tournaments.

There are two options to attend coach orientations and coaches clinics. We're hoping our new Sunday format will make it easier for you to get the certificate you need. You must attend one of the coach orientations each season and you must have attended a coaching clinic to train players at the level you are coaching.  

Coaches Handbook for 2013 Now Available

Be sure to get a copy of our Coaches Handbook for 2013. We'll have printed copies for you at each Coach Orientation meeting and clinic, but you can download the Word copy here and the PDF copy here. Take a few minutes to look it over. There is important information inside that will help you during the season and may answer some of your questions. If you have a question that isn't answered by the Handbook, please email our Coach AdministratorCoaching Director, or Coach Instructor. We'll be happy to help with anything from field permits to new drills and games to keep your training sessions fresh.

Clinic Cancellation Policy

Please note that the Intermediate and Advanced clinics that were to be offered by the Area have been cancelled due to lack of numbers. It is important that you notify the instructors of each course to be sure that adequate numbers are present for the clinic. Typically, clinics are required to have 10 to 15 participants to run. Clinics are subject to cancellation by the Friday before the clinic begins if there are not enough participants. Please contact our Coach Instructor if you wish to attend a clinic. 

End of Season Coaches Playoff Meetings Scheduled

All of our postseason coaches meetings are going to be held at the Sports Chalet at 177 South Las Posas. Please see the table below for the meeting dates and times for your specific division.

Coach Clinic and Meeting Calendar

Day Date Time Event Location
Tuesday July 16th 6 - 8PM Pre-season Coaches Meeting San Marcos Civic Center Auditorium
Saturday July 20th 8AM - 1:30PM Player Orientation U10 - U19 Woodland Park Middle School
Saturday July 27th 8AM - 1:30PM Player Orientation U5 - U8 Woodland Park Middle School
Saturday August 3rd 8AM - 4PM Coaches Clinic U6 - U12 Fields - Walnut Grove Park North
Sunday August 25th 8AM - 12PM U6 Coaches Clinic U6 Fields - Walnut Grove Park North
Sunday September 8th 8AM - 1PM U8 Coaches Clinic U8 Fields - Walnut Grove Park North
Sunday September 15th 8AM - 2PM U10 Coaches Clinic U10 Fields - Walnut Grove Park North
Sunday September 22nd 8AM - 4PM U12 Coaches Clinic Cancelled
Sunday September 8th 8AM - 4PM Day 1 - Intermediate Coaches Clinic Cancelled
Sunday September 15th 8AM - 4PM Day 2 - Intermediate Coaches Clinic Cancelled
Sunday September 22nd 8AM - 4PM Day 1 - Advanced Coaches Clinic Cancelled
Sunday September 29th 8AM - 4PM Day 2 - Advanced Coaches Clinic Cancelled
Thursday October 14th 7PM - 9PM U10G Coaches Playoff Meeting Sports Chalet - Las Posas Drive
Monday October 28th 7PM - 9PM U10B Coaches Playoff Meeting Sports Chalet - Las Posas Drive
Tuesday October 29th 7PM - 9PM  U12G and U12B Coaches Playoff Meeting Sports Chalet - Las Posas Drive
Wednesday October 30th 7PM - 9PM  U14G and U14B Coaches Playoff Meeting Sports Chalet - Las Posas Drive

Coach Orientation Meetings

Coach Orientation meetings will be the first hour of the U6 - U12 clinics listed above. It is very important that you attend an orientation meeting each year since this is our chance to give you details about the season, the division that you're coaching in, any changes to game formats or other information you'll need during the season. Even if you're not planning on attending a clinic, please make time to come to an orientation.

Player Orientation Days

Roster handouts and player orientation happens on July 20th for U6-U8 divisions and July 27th for U10-U14 divisions. this is a great time to get to know your players and parents, to establish what days and times you'll be holding training sessions, to get other parents to volunteer to help out with the team, and to meet your divisional manager. 

Coach Certificate Curriculum Updates

AYSO National has updated every level curriculum. The new curriculum contains many new drills and much better information that focuses on how to effectively interact with players at all ages. This promises to be a great update to your coaching education so please consider coming out to a clinic during the season.

Note that you MUST attend both days of the Intermediate Clinic to receive credit for the course.

Note that AYSO National has removed all coach training from it's online resources. The only way you'll be able to get our certification is to come out to a clinic. San Marcos AYSO is also hosting clinics on Sundays during the season in an effort to make coaching information and education more available. See the table above for dates and times and sign up! We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Coach Clinic Materials

San Marcos AYSO is proud to host many coaches clinic throughout the season. We'll provide lunch at every training session, but there are several things we'll need you to bring for yourself. Please be aware that you will be doing some field work during the clinic, so it is important that you dress appropriately.
  • Athletic Shoes - They don't need to be soccer cleats, running shoes will be sufficient. Please do not wear sandals, flip-flops or Crocs-type shoes to a coaches clinic. You will be participating in athletic activities, so it is important to wear the correct shoes.
  • Sunblock - It's hot out there! Please bring sunblock to protect yourself. Hats are also welcomed at our clinics.
  • Chair - We have several picnic tables available to us, but seating is always at a premium. Bring a chair to be sure that you'll have a comfy place to sit.
  • Notepad and Pen or Pencil - Something to write on is good to have since you'll want to take some notes.

Lunch and water is provided at all San Marcos AYSO coach clinics.
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