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Picture Day Schedules

Picture Day Schedule - 2013

Picture Day will be run by PBM Images, Inc. this year. Please arrive prior to scheduled picture time to turn in paperwork, have questions answered, and make payment at the customer service table.  Cash, check, or credit cards (Visa, Discover, and MasterCard) are gladly accepted. Please call PBM Images, Inc. at 619-482-2068 if you have any questions.

Make-Up Picture Schedule - October 5th - 9-10AM - La Paloma Elementary

Make up pictures will be hosted by PBM Images between 9 and 10AM on Saturday, October 5th at La Paloma Elementary, next to Las Posas Park.

Picture Day - Matrix - Saturday, August 24th - Walnut Grove Park South

Time Team Division Coach
8:40AM Matrix BU18
Miguel Rivera
9AM Matrix
BU16 - White
Shawn Hagerthy
9AM Matrix
Ian Pistone
9:20AM Matrix
Herman Castillo
9:40AM Matrix
Iberth Valasco
10AM Matrix
Chris Bowman
10AM Matrix
GU17 Andy Gast
10:20AM Matrix
Jorge Torres
10:20AM Matrix
Gary Simmons
10:40AM Matrix
BU16 - Blue
Jeff Perkins
11AM Matrix
Isaac Ramirez
11:20AM Matrix
BU17 Jesus Hernandez

Matrix pictures will be taken at Walnut Grove Park on the South side near the Red Barn.

Picture Day - U5 Jamboree - Saturday, September 14th - Walnut Grove Park South

Time Team Division Coach
8:15AM U5 Jamboree - Dragons U5B-1

9AM U5 Jamboree - Knights

9:15AM U5 Jamboree - Girl Power

U5 Jamboree pictures will be taken at Walnut Grove Park on the South side near the Red Barn.

Picture Day - VIP - Saturday, August 24th - Walnut Grove Park South

Time Team Division Coach


8:20AM VIP3

8:20AM VIP4 VIP4

VIP Division pictures will be taken at Walnut Grove Park on the South side near the Red Barn.

Picture Day - Referees - Saturday, September 14th - Walnut Grove Park South

Time Team Division Administrator
8AM Adult Referees All Kyle Tracy - Referee Admin
8AM Youth Referees All Lyle McKinley - Youth R.Admin

Referee pictures will be taken at Walnut Grove Park on the South side near the Red Barn.

Picture Day - All Other Divisions - Saturday, September 14th - Walnut Grove Park South

All pictures will be taken at Walnut Grove Park on the South side near the Red Barn.

Picture Day is Saturday, September 14th. Please be sure to come ready for pictures with your picture form filled out and payment ready. If you need to fill out a picture form, please see the PBM Images Customer Service table at the start of the line for a form. It typically takes about one hour to organize a team, collect all picture forms, have picture forms checked by the photography staff and then to get through the pictures themselves. To keep picture day flowing as smoothly as possible, please plan to be at the park 30 minutes before your scheduled time so that Coaches and Team Parents have time to get organized and check in at the Customer Service table.

Time Team Division Coach
8:00 AM MATRIX U09G Iberth Valasco
8:00 AM SHARKS U08G-02 Iberth Valasco
8:15 AM SEA OTTERS U08G-06 Iberth Valasco
8:15 AM REBELS U10B-04 Paul Van Es
8:15 AM DIAMONDBACKS U08B-02 Lyle McKinley
8:30 AM MOUNTAIN LIONS U10G-04 Jonathan Capp
8:30 AM PATRIOTS U10B-01 Andy Erickson
8:30 AM TORNADOES U14B-03 Armando Raymundo
8:45 AM PUMAS U10G-01 Heather Fife
8:45 AM COBRAS U08B-10 Heather Fife
8:45 AM NINJAS U10B-08 Bob Crain
8:45 AM LEOPARDS U10G-02 Joseph Dore
9:00 AM ECLIPSE U12G-05 Brian Sengstake
9:00 AM WILDCATS U10G-05 Tanya Hunter
9:15 AM FIRESTORM U14G-01 Chris Ybarra
9:15 AM COPPERHEADS U08B-07 Danielle Leyelle
9:15 AM TIGERS U10G-06 Rick Cuevas
9:30 AM SEALS U08G-04 Efren Solano
9:30 AM STARFISH U08G-05 Vassilis Dalakas
9:30 AM JAGUARS U10G-03 Vassilis Dalakas
9:45 AM STINGRAYS U08G-03 Brian Baum
9:45 AM FUSION U14B-04 Matt Ratterman
9:45 AM ANGELFISH U08G-07 Austin Oliveiro
10:00 AM BUTTERFLIES U06G-01 Benjamin Todd
10:00 AM DRAGONFLIES U06G-02 Chris Williams
10:00 AM ROCKETS U12B-02 Michael Williams
10:00 AM MEGARAPTOR U06B-01 Jason Gibbons
10:15 AM SIDEWINDERS U08B-09 Jason Gibbons
10:15 AM STELLAR U12G-06 Jean Woodward
10:15 AM PTERODACTYLS U06B-04 Jeff Bernard
10:15 AM MERMAIDS U08G-01 Jeremy Hixon
10:30 AM SATELLITES U12G-01 David Brown
10:30 AM TITANS U10B-03 Juan Ambriz
10:30 AM CYCLONES U14B-02 Juan Ambriz
10:30 AM HAMMERHEADS U08B-03 Juan Ambriz
10:45 AM BLUE SHARKS U08B-05 Kara Young
10:45 AM BLACKTIPS U08B-06 Lamour
10:45 AM SUPERSONICS U12B-03 Leyla Vaeao
10:45 AM AVENGERS U12B-05 Luis Sanchez
11:00 AM STINGRAYS U08B-12 Marc Castillas
11:00 AM LEOPARD SHARKS U08B-16 Marc Castillas
11:00 AM RATTLERS U08B-13 Eric Vasquez
11:00 AM VELOCITY U12B-04 Max Carazio
11:15 AM SEAHORSES U08G-08 Irene Phillips
11:15 AM TIDAL WAVE U14G-02 Mike Meyer
11:15 AM CATERPILLARS U06G-04 Monica Ambriz
11:15 AM KING SNAKES U08B-14 Monica Ambriz
11:30 AM TRICERATOPS U06B-03 Nate Turner
11:30 AM CHARGERS U10B-06 Noe Ruiz
11:30 AM BLAST U14B-01 Osborne
11:30 AM BLASTERS U12B-01 Alex Tamayo
11:45 AM RAPTORS U06B-02 Phillip Larrabarre
11:45 AM SAMURAIS U10B-02 Phillip Larrabarre
11:45 AM STEGOSAURUS U06B-05 Raul Alejandro
11:45 AM MAKOS U08B-01 Renny Brown
12:00 PM FLYING FISH U08G-10 Reves Childress
12:00 PM NIGHT RAIDERS U12B-06 George Geigo
12:00 PM SANDSHARKS U08B-17 Ron Jones
12:00 PM GREAT WHITE SHARKS U08B-11 Rosene Shaw
12:15 PM TIGER SHARKS U08B-08 Ryan Bailey
12:15 PM BOAS U08B-18 Ryan Bailey
12:15 PM VIPERS U08B-04 Sadie Popoca
12:15 PM GALAXY U12G-02 Stephanie Lozano
12:30 PM DOLPHINS U08G-09 Stephanie Lozano
12:30 PM SHOOTING STARS U12G-07 Steve Wise
12:30 PM RAIDERS U10B-07
12:30 PM T-REX U06B-06 Traci Chester
12:45 PM LADYBUGS U06G-03 Veronica Raymundo
12:45 PM PYTHONS U08B-15
12:45 PM SUPERNOVA U12G-04
12:45 PM ZOMBIES U10B-05
1:00 PM COMETS U12G-03
1:00 PM EARTHQUAKES U19B-01 Michael Williams
1:00 PM SOUNDERS U19B-03 Mike Patterson
1:15 PM THORNS U19G-01 Gonzalez
1:15 PM FLASH U19G-02
1:15 PM SPIRIT U19G-03
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