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Picture Day Schedules

Picture Day - Saturday, September 13, 2014

Picture Day for the Fall season will be on Saturday, September 13. We're still finalizing the details for the location, vendor and times, so be sure to check back to this page for all the details. 

Picture Day will be run by PBM Images, Inc. again this year. Please arrive prior to scheduled picture time to turn in paperwork, have questions answered, and make payment at the customer service table.  Cash, check, or credit cards (Visa, Discover, and MasterCard) are gladly accepted. Please call PBM Images, Inc. at 619-482-2068 if you have any questions.

Be sure to join us for Picture Day on September 13th this year. We'll have a Chili Cookoff, a Salsa Cookoff, and music by Shrimper Dan and the Bottomfeeders. Come on out! We'll see you there!

U6- U14 Picture Day Schedule - LAS POSAS PARK - 8AM - 2PM

Pictures will be taken on the Stadium Field at Las Posas Park. That's the big field next to the tennis courts. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to be sure that all paperwork is filled out and your team is ready to go.

Time Team Division Coach
8:00 AM Board Members
8:00 AM Referees
8:00 AM Phoenix U14G-01 Herman Castillo
8:00AM Raptors U06B-01 Amalia Estrada
8:15 AM Jurassics U06B-02 Phillip Kennedy
8:15 AM T-Rex U06B-03 Tracy Chester
8:15 AM Pteodactyls U06B-04 Justin Cox
8:15 AM Comets U12G-02 Herman Castillo
8:30 AM Butterfiles U06G-01 Stephen Brill
8:30 AM Caterpillars U06G-02 Armndo Raymundo
8:30 AM Dragonflies U06G-03 Jacob Olson
8:45 AM Lady Bugs U06G-04
8:45 AM Purple Dolphins U08G-07 Justin Cox
8:45 AM Vipers U08B-01 Jason Gibbons
8:45 AM Tiger Sharks U08B-02 Joshua Lowery
9:00 AM Hammerheads U08B-03 Jim LaMour
9:00 AM Pythons U08B-04 Danielson
9:00 AM Great White Sharks U08B-05 Sadie Popoca
9:15 AM Megalodon Sharks U08B-06 Joanne Shannon
9:15 AM Storm U14B-01 Armando Raymundo
9:15 AM Chargers U10B-03 Jason Gibbons
9:30 AM Rattlesnakes U08B-07
9:30 AM Makos U08B-08 Phillip Larrabure
9:30 AM Sidewinders U08B-09 Cesar Gonzalez
9:45 AM Coral Snakes U08B-10 Lyle Mckinley
9:45 AM Starfish U08G-01 Brian Baum
9:45 AM Mermaids U08G-02 Monica Ambriz
9:45 AM Jellyfish U08G-03 Chris Williams
10:00 AM Seahorses U08G-04 Stephenie Lozano
10:00 AM Red Beta Fury U08G-05 Thomas Nanninga
10:00 AM Flying Fish U08G-06 Jon Sengstacke
10:15 AM Angelfish U08G-08 Ronald Jones
10:15 AM Warriors U10B-01 Aiko Johnston
10:15 AM Ninja U10B-02 Eryk Vazquez
10:15 AM Avengers U10B-04 Oliverio Ortega
10:30 AM Titans U10B-05 Oscar Rincon
10:30 AM Velocity U10B-06 Amalia Estrada
10:30 AM Pirates U10B-07 Sandra Flores
10:45 AM Samurai U10B-08 Phillip Larrabure
10:45 AM U10G-01 Luico Sustaita
10:45 AM Cheetahs U10G-02 Hugo Alvarez
11:00 AM Puma U10G-03 Joanne Shannon
11:00 AM Wild Cats U10G-04 Thai Dinh
11:00 AM Blasters U12B-01 Alejandro Tamayo
11:00 AM Supersonics U12B-02 Juan Ambriz
11:15 AM Rockets U12B-03 Mike Williams
11:15 AM Lasers U12B-04 Paul Van Es
11:15 AM Jets U12B-05 Jerry Mullison
11:30 AM Rocketeers U12G-01 Silvia Rodolfo
11:30 AM U12G-03 Dallas Butler
11:30 AM Galaxy U12G-04 Rayndal Renfrow
11:45 AM Cyclones U14B-02 Lucio Sustaita
11:45 AM Blast U14B-03 Matt Rattermann
11:45 AM Fusion U14B-04
11:45 AM Blast U14G-02 Lela Vaeao
12:00 PM Thunder U14G-03 Brian Senstacke
12:00 PM U19B-01
12:00 PM U19B-02
12:15 PM U19B-03
12:15 PM U19B-04
12:15 PM U19G-01 Issac Rameriz
12:15 PM U19G-02 David Crespen
12:30 PM Extra U19B Marcos Casillias
12:30 PM Extra U12G Richard Cuevas
12:30 PM Extra U10B Marcos Castillas
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