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Picture Day Schedules

Picture Day - Saturday, September 13, 2014

Picture Day for the Fall season will be on Saturday, September 13. We're still finalizing the details for the location, vendor and times, so be sure to check back to this page for all the details. 

Picture Day will be run by PBM Images, Inc. again this year. Please arrive prior to scheduled picture time to turn in paperwork, have questions answered, and make payment at the customer service table.  Cash, check, or credit cards (Visa, Discover, and MasterCard) are gladly accepted. Please call PBM Images, Inc. at 619-482-2068 if you have any questions.

Be sure to join us for Picture Day on September 13th this year. We'll have a Chili Cookoff, a Salsa Cookoff, and music by Shrimper Dan and the Bottomfeeders. Come on out! We'll see you there!

VIP - Matrix - U5 Jamboree Picture Schedule

Appt Time Team Name Division Coach Name
8:00 AM Matrix 1 U10B Bob Crain
8:00 AM Matrix 2 U13B Brian Phillips
8:20 AM Earthquakes VIP 2
8:40 AM Fire VIP 3
8:40 AM Bruiser VIP 1
9:00 AM Knights U5B-1 Joanne Shannon
9:20 AM Dragons U5B-2 Joanne Shannon
9:20 AM Chargers U5G-1 Joanne Shannon
9:40 AM Unicorns U5G-2 Joanne Shannon
10:00 AM Extra U12G Richard Cuevas
10:00 AM Extra U10B Marcos Castillas
10:20 AM Matrix 3 U14B Issac Ramerez
10:40 AM Matrix 4 U17B Shawne Hagerthy
11:00 AM Matrix 5 U09G Eberth Valasco
10:40 AM Matrix 6 U15G Ian Pistone
11:20 AM Matrix 7 U16G Janet Parise
11:20 AM Matrix 8 U17G Chris Bowman
11:40 AM Matrix 9 U18G Bob Crain
11:40 AM Matrix 10 U17B Jeff Perkins
12:00 PM Matrix 11 U15B Gary Simmons
12:00 PM Matrix 12 U18B Jesus Hernandez
12:00 PM Extra U19B David Crespin

VIP, Matrix and U5 Jamboree pictures will be taken on the Stadium Field at Las Posas Park. That's the big field next to the tennis courts. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to be sure that all paperwork is filled out and your team is ready to go.

U6- U14 Picture Day Schedule - Coming Soon

Check back to this page for the U6 - U14 Picture Day schedule.
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