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Questions and Answers About Registration

These are some common questions about registering with San Marcos AYSO.

Q: Is my child the right age for AYSO?
Children between the ages of 4 and 18 as of August 1st of the year in which the fall season begins can play AYSO soccer. 
U5 open to ages 4 as of August 25, 2013
U6: open to ages 5 yrs (player's age on July 31, 2013)
U8: open to ages 6 and 7yrs (player's age on July 31, 2013)
U10: open to ages 8 and 9 yrs (player's age on July 31, 2013)
U12: open to 10 and 11yrs (player's age on July 31, 2013)
U14: open to 12 and 13yrs (player's age on July 31, 2013)
U16: open to 14 and 15 yrs   (player's age on July 31, 2013)


Q: What division will my child be playing in this season?
The following chart applies for the next official membership year, which starts August 1, 2011 and concludes July 31, 2012, and is based on the age groupings in AYSO’s Rules and Regulations. Any player whose birth date falls on or between these dates should be placed in the designated division.
Division Age  Birthdates 
 U-19  16-17-18  8/1/1992 thru 7/31/1995
 U-16  14-15  8/1/1995 thru 7/31/1997
 U-14  12-13  8/1/1997 thru 7/31/1999
 U-12  10-11  8/1/1999 thru 7/31/2001
 U-10  8-9  8/1/2001 thru 7/31/2003
 U-8  7-8  8/1/2003 thru 7/31/2004
 U-7  6-7  8/1/2004 thru 7/31/2005
 U-6  4-5  8/1/2006 thru 7/31/2007

Q: How do I register my child?
For full details, see our Registration Process, but a overview of the process is: Get the on-line form at or download it from our Forms page, complete it, print and sign a copy, sign it and mail the form in, or visit one of our registration events. Players that did not play in San Marcos AYSO last year will have to show proof of age as well.

Forms can be mailed to: 
AYSO - Player Registration
PO Box 333
San Marcos, CA 92079


Q: My child doesn't meet the minimum age range for AYSO fall season, but he/she is very [big/strong/athletic/coordinated] for his/her age.
No. AYSO is a national organization with very strict guidelines regarding age requirements. Players must be four years old before attending games. AYSO’s accident and liability insurance depends on the players being the proper age to play and being placed in their age appropriate divisions. You may sign up and wait until the proper date.

Be patient – they’ll grow up before you know it!


Q: In school, my child is with classmates who are [younger/older]. May my child "play down" in a younger division?
No. AYSO is a national organization that determines the player divisions based on birthdates. The AYSO "year" runs from August 1st through July 31st. AYSO’s accident and liability insurance depends on the players placed in their age appropriate divisions. Many children are in "different" divisions than their school classmates. We encourage you to view this as a positive experience - it will allow your child to broaden his/her relationships outside of school and enjoy making new friends.


Q: Can I request to have my child's friend play on the same team as my child?
Requests will be accepted for divisions U6, U7 and U8 ONLY, no exceptions. For these age divisions we will do our best to accommodate requests but there are no guarantees. The reason we cannot accept requests for upper age divisions is due to balancing to promote equality in skill levels across teams.

Bring a Friend Program
Does your player have a friend that wants to play on their team? Our Bring a Friend Program allows for friends to play on the same team as long as one player did not play in San Marcos AYSO during the previous season.  If you'd like to take advantage of our Bring a Friend Program, be sure to fill out a Bring a Friend form on the day you register!  Both players need to be registered with parent signatures and players need to be the same age division and gender. 


Q: What makes AYSO different?
Our mission is to provide quality youth soccer programs where everyone builds positive character through participation in a safe, fun, family-oriented soccer environment. AYSO's six philosophies separate us from the pack:

Everyone Plays
Balanced Teams
Open Registration
Positive Coaching
Good Sportsmanship
Player Development


Q: When is the AYSO soccer season?
The largest season is in the fall with registration taking place in the spring. Fall season will start the end of July. We have additional programs to run year round. Please contact our Registrar for more information at [email protected].


Q: How much does it cost to sign up?
San Marcos AYSO is very affordable, but the cost differs depending when you sign up.  The fee is used for insurance, equipment, uniforms, program development, field rental and other needs. AYSO is an all-volunteer organization so none of the region leadership receives payment for their time.

For the 2013 season, early registration is $85.00, and you can fill out a registration form at Also, you can register for our U5 jamboree program at a discounted rate of $60. Our normal registration fee is $105.00.

Playerships, graduating high school senior scholarships and payment plans are available. Please contact our Registrar at [email protected] for more details.


Q: What's included in my Fall Season registration fees?
Your player registration fee includes one player uniform: shirt, socks and shorts. The registration fee also includes a picture package, yearbook, registration with AYSO National, and supplemental accident insurance. Additional portions of the fees go to help fund equipment costs, training materials, coaching and referee clinics, field maintenance and to purchase other equipment, such as goals, nets and corner flags.


Q: What other soccer expenses can I anticipate this year?
Not included in the registration fees are the required shin guards, appropriate shoes, and a ball. It is strongly recommended that each player have his/her own ball. In addition, the team parents will possibly request a small amount to cover the expenses of a team banner, hair pieces (for the girls), end of season team party, and a small gift for the coach. Also, each family is often requested to bring snacks for the team at one game during the season.


Q: What if my child drops out and I would like to request a refund?
If you are requesting a refund for part of your registration fees you must submit the request in writing. The fastest way to do that is to email our Registrar at [email protected]. Please be sure to include your name, and the players name, date of birth, address for refund, phone number, and brief reason for the request. 

Refund requests can also be mailed to:
AYSO - Refund Request
PO Box 333
San Marcos, CA 92079

Refunds typically take 3-4 weeks to verify all the information. For more details on refunds, please check our Refund Procedure page.


Q: Does AYSO have programs for children with special needs?
The Very Important Player (VIP) Program is for players with mental or physical disabilities. Please visit our VIP page for more details.


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