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Scholarships for Higher Education


Each year (starting 2010) Region 127 awards college scholarships for the following amounts:

1 for - $2,000

1 for - $1,500

1 for - $ 500 

Scholarships are issued in the form of a check written to the educational institution the recipient will be attending. The criteria for being considered for a scholarship are:

1. 3.0 GPA

2. 5 years participation in AYSO

3. Volunteering of time to the AYSO program

4. Plans to pursue a college education at a community college, 4 year university or technical/vocational school. 

Individuals who meet these criteria are requested to mail an application, essay, most recent transcripts and ACT or PSAT/SAT scores (requirement may be waived for vocational or community college) to the Regional Commissioner by April 15th of their graduating year. Recipients will be chosen at the May Regional Board Meeting. Presentation of the scholarship awards may be made at the high school awards ceremonies or other public venue. 

Click here for the application form and click here for some guidelines on applying. Transcripts can be obtained from your school Registrar or Administrative department.

Application, essay and transcripts can be mailed to:


San Marcos AYSO

College Scholarship

P.O. Box 333

San Marcos, CA 92079 

Or you can email filled PDF documents to our Commissioner.

Thank you. And good luck in your pursuit of higher education!

Joanne Shannon


San Marcos AYSO

Region 127

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